Pretty Ideas For Spring Flower Beds

One of the great boons of spring is all the color coming back to the landscape. Not only do you find greenery in your yard, but it’s time to plant pretty flower gardens. Likewise, gardening is a healthful and soothing hobby. Design spring flower beds that beautify your yard and afford you an opportunity for enjoying the outdoors.

Plan out the Garden Bed

It may seem as if some of the prettiest garden beds are a wild profusion of plants with no order. In fact, any attractive flower garden offers at least organized chaos. When planning out your garden bed, keep the plants in their pots to begin with. Lay them out how you’re thinking will look pretty, and arrange accordingly. Try to have a few tall plants in the back to serve as a backdrop for the others. Likewise, fill in any gaps with ground cover plants.

Plant Streetside

Quite often that strip of land between the sidewalk and the curb goes unnoticed or filled simply with grass. However, if your goal is to add color to your front yard, plant this strip for spring. One option is to keep it simple with a selection of colorful ornamental grasses such as little bluestem, pampas grass and maiden grass. However, you can also include some hardy but pretty flowers such as garden flox, Russian sage and aster.

Line a Walkway

Another attractive area for a spring flower garden is along the walkway leading to your front door. Such a flower garden looks pretty if you include a selection of both annuals and perennials. Start with some foundational plants such as verbena and foxglove. Add pretty annuals such as daisies and peonies. Finally, consider including fragrant plants for a pleasant walk to your front door. Thyme makes a good groundcover, while other herbs such as chamomile and yarrow are both pretty and fragrant.

Decorate your Mailbox

Like the streetside strip, the land around a mailbox is often forgotten. Instead, turn it into a pretty installation with a selection of colorful annuals. Additionally, if your mailbox is on a post, consider training a climbing plant up the post. Honeysuckle is always pretty, but morning glory makes a delicate addition.

Attract Hummingbirds

A flower garden is pretty enough on its own. However, flying jewels – or hummingbirds – add to the beauty of the garden. It’s possible to hang a hummingbird feeder. However, you can also plant flowers that attract the little birds. As the Hummingbird Society points out, the birds like bright-colored, tubular flowers. The society recommends planting flowers such as desert honeysuckle, Chinese bell flower, crimson bottlebrush, fuchsia and water willow.

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